The letter stains the one who wears it.

A message clear for all to see.

The power to make the angels tremble,

A passion uncontrolled by fear.

The time to do what is forbidden.

The evidence of lust and lies.

And now the child, the holy terror,

Invades the lives. It screams and cries.


The victim proudly holds her head up.

There is no shame to love your child.

Dress her in all the brightest colors.

She loves the child who is so wild…  she's wild…  wild child.

What is this crime that's so outrageous?

The hunger for a better life.

A letter tells the world of sorrow.

It cuts the preacher like a knife.

The days are wearing out their welcome.

The clock moves on its weary way.

The tech no child born out of wedlock.

The times have changed, my times are strange.


To bring the truth out of the shadow.

Just take a step into the light.

To see beyond the pain inside you.

To lead A stray, you tempt A way.

To love the one who passes judgement.

To look for paths where no one goes.

To find the pleasure in things forbidden.

You only need to find the truth.

What was a vice is now a virtue,

Nobody gives the time of day.

The mark of shame A rite of passage.

No one is going to make you pay,

The judge hands down A viscous verdict.

To tear apart A fragile heart.

The scarlet letter screams salacious.

And whispers wicked wonton dreams.

The weak are crushed below the wealthy.

Who are no better than the least.

The power corrupts the ones who wield it.

And feeds the fear that grows inside.

Look to the one they try to damage.

She is the strong, it won't be long.

so wild…  she's wild…  wild child...

so strong...  won’t  be long.