Bride Of Count Beat
Here She Comes
Here she comes all dressed in Green.
Like a killer bud all sticky sweet.
A little tree frog is her pet.
A patch of moss, all moist and wet.

Here she comes all dressed in Red.
lLike a red hot poker asleep in my bed. 
A little pink kitty in her lap.
I hear it purr when she takes a nap.

Here She Comes
Here she comes all dressed in Blue.
Try to lie,something’s wrong with you.
Like the girl can read your mind.
I have dirty thoughts all the time.

Here she comes all dressed in White.
Like a virgin on her wedding night.
She makes me glad that I’m a man.
I don’t just love her, I’m her biggest fan

Here She Comes
In the night, out of sight, to my delight.

I have to warn you ,though. When she
gets mad, and that foot starts tapping,
and that little vein pops out on her
forehead. You’d better watch out! Have
you heard of Grendel? Well, they never
tell you who his mother is, right. Every-
one pretends not to notice. Even the 
sound of her name is terrifying. Well, she’s the mean one, duh. It’s like be

She cured my cat.
She cured my rat.
She cured my bat.
She cured my geese.
She cured my meese.
She cured my disease.
She cured my chihuahua,
She cured my chinchilla.
She cured my gorilla.
She cured my setter.
Her cures are better. You’d better let her
Give you a shot.

She cured my dog.
She cured my hog.
She cured my bull (city) frog.
She cured my goat.
She pulled my boat.
She swam my moat.
She cured my elephant
She cured my miscreant.
She cured my fire ant.
My baby sitter.
Her cures are bitter. You’d better let her
Give you a shot.

She cured my eagle.
She cured my beagle.
She cured my boweevil.
She cured my mink.
She made it pink.
She unstopped my sink
She cured my spanish fly,
She cured my lazy eye.
She cured my bye and bye.
She cured my satyr.
Her cures are batter. You’d better let her
Give you a shot

This might hurt just a little bit.
So now you know this won’t hurt. No. just a little prick, and it’s all over. Yeah, no big deal, right. It’s OK. Yes, it might sting for a moment, but then its over. Just like that. No, no don’t bite. It’s OK to cry,  yes, but not before the shot. No, your momma doesn’t need a shot. Now stop cryin’ . Just  remember, big girls they cry, yay, yay. No, they cry.

(featuring Special K on Guitar)

Brought to U by 
Count Beat Beer Garden
and Museum