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A Last Song (draft 2/23/20)

So we’re arriving at the end of the journey,
IT’s not a fairy tale, a joke, or a game.
If you don’t recognize the course of the stream,
The mystery you find does not have a name.
I’d like to help you in your quest for an answer.
If it was easy everyone would see,
But many are not up to the challenge.
They’ve always had it so fucking easy.

So here’s a clue for all of you.
I’m not the Burning Man.
My destiny is plain to see...
A Drummer 4 all eternity. Boom, Crash, Splash!

There is no short cut I can provide you.
I don’t even have the time of the day.
You have a part laid 4 Evr B 4 U.
I hope some laughter finds you on your way.
Sadly, we find we’re running out of options.
I have been down this rabbit hole many times.
You can look through any window before you
What’s there is yours until the end of (nursery) crymes.

So Count Beat plays on,
And the same old Noise is listened to all over the world.

Now we are coming to the end of the story.
Did you believe the world would come to this?
You thought the fun would last 4 Evr and a day.
The bill would never come along on a tray.
I’ve spun a web for many days and a year.
The insects act like they have nothing to fear.

The part I play, I like to say,
I’m (clearly) the Invisible Man.
Your destiny is plain to see...
A Dreamer 4 all eternity. Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!

Yet even now the sands are shifting faster.
The scenes are changing according to a plan.
I don’t control the path, or work the curtain.
Those are your call, so I can wash my hands.
What you see, what you hear, what you’re thinking
Are different from others who come to the site.
While some have parts that don’t need a mention
Others find it harder sleeping at night.

So Count Beat plays on,
And the same old Noise is listened to all over the world.

And now I say to all of you,
That we are fools. What did we do?
We chased the USe_Less and the Lost,
Without a care about the cost.
We ate like pigs, IT’s not a lie.
We ate the creme off of the pie.
We left you sand, and you ask,”Why?”
There’s no compassion in our eye
Because... We are machines.
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