On The Day The World Died

On The Day The World Died, 
The money changers saw, 
They were too big to fail. 
They were protected by law. 
They were so strong! 
It was bright and sunny. 
You could say it was hot as hell. 
The wind that scorched the valley 
Blew into our faces until
The End. 

On The Day The World Died, 
The money changers cheered. 
They raised a glass together.
There was nothing left to fear. 
They had won! 
It was written in scripture.
You could say that they had IT made. 
The Toxic tide rolled down the stream. The river flowed into the ocean until
 The End.
All they had to do is make you think 
IT was your friend in The End.
Brought to U by 
Count Beat Beer Garden
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