The Prophet
We're a part of the seed.
We're a part of the breeze.
We're a part of disease.
We're a part of the seas.
We're all  part, all are free,
Even our enemy.
Even our fucking enemy.
The old world calls to us through time.
Immortals with the gift of truth have survived.
They've watched the world come to an end.
They were not blind like ordinary men.
When they talk to us we don't hear at all.
We have no choice, we're against the wall.
Brotherhood is built on trust.
We think it's nice for them, but couldn't work for us.
The only question that I have,
Is, "do you think God trusts man?"
We lived in paradise,
Now we wage war and we waste lives.
It's the twilight of the gods.
The high society ignores them all.
In dreams they come to us again.
They reach out to us like a friend.
The Prophet said, "Life is a web."
The end of our time.
Consumed society has nothing on its mind.
The Prophet comes to us and pleads,
"All God's children should live in peace."
The Prophet said, "Life is a web."