MARS [Ode TO WAR]                  part 2 of Martian Folk Songs

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part 2 of Martian Folksongs: Mars [Ode to War]

We gave you a face that was feared by all men.
We gave you a chariot for you to defend.
We gave you a weapon that would never break.
We gave you a life that nobody could take.
We gave you a name to last until doom.
You make the speed for a sonic boom.
We gave you the safety of being out of range.
We gave you the power of superior gauge.
We gave you the force to burn like the sun.
You defeated everyone.

Deep Blue
We watched as you swam to the bottom of the sea.
Breathed beneath the waves,
Filled the watery graves.
We cheered as you killed monsters from the deep.
Wallowed in their gore,
Always wanting more.

We made you armor that shines like the sun.
We made you so strong you don't fear anyone.
We made you a drug to forget you’re a slave.
You love it so much you need more every day.
We made you eyes that never cry or tire.
We made you walk calmly through fire.
We made you a weapon to get the job done.
We made you a man who thinks killing is fun.
We made you a voice that is heard out in space.
Magnificent martial grace.

Light Blue
We watched as you stormed heaven in the sky.
Filled the air with fire.
Electric funeral pyre.
We cheered as you flew into the sun.
Toppled castle walls,
Blood like water falls.
Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop.

We watched in the unbreakable chains of slaves.
We watched you put heroes in untimely graves.
We made you a force that no one could stop.
We have to give you all that you want.
So, what did you give us?
We gave you life. We made you strong. We gave you all! 
We gave you everything! For Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever,
You gave us War.noise_horrible.html