Th Bryn Dryn
The roof has started to leak again.
Pouring rain in my fragile brain.
It started with a drop.
Now I don't think it will ever stop.
I think, therefore, I think I am.
Each drop staggers and falls,
A tiny splash in the dust and the ash.
The paper climbs the wall,
Trying to get away from it all.
I think, therefore, I think I am.
1 drop turns to 2.
I do everything I can do.
There never is enough time,
To wipe the memories from my mind,
2 drops turn to 3.
3 drops turn to 4.
The rain keeps crashing down on me.
I don't think I can take any more.
The rhythm of the rain,
Is pounding in my brain.
The forecast is for more.
Water's climbing up the door.
4 drops turn to 5.
I won't get out of here alive.
They start hanging in the air,
Floating down to my despair.
The carpet on the floor,
Is climbing up for more.
It isn't really fair,
The weather never goes anywhere.
5 drops turn to 6.
The water piling up like bricks.
If God has the power to see,
Why doesn't he try to rescue me?
The waiter brings a check.
He looks a total wreck.
If he hangs around,
We'll both be living underground.
6 drops turn to 7.
7 drops turn to 8.
If the rain would only stop,
Wouldn't it be great,
My Kingdom for a mop.
There never is a cop.
Every time you need one,
He's off somewhere else having fun.
8 drops turn to 9.
The weather would be fine,
If I could get the clock to stop,
Before the next drip starts to drop.
It happens all the time,
The words begin to rhyme.
The sun comes out to stay,
And makes the rain clouds go away.
9 drops turn to 10.
Then we go back and start again!
A little rain must fall on us all.