The Gods Must Be Crazy

One day the monkey decided he didn't like livin' in the dirt,
So, he got up, and he built himself a rocket ship,
And he shot that fucker out into the stars,
And where it landed, well, nobody knows.
I Believe the Gods must be crazy.
Now I can see the Gods must be mad.
The next day, the monkey, well, he built a New Clear Bomb,
And that sucker could kill people all night long.
And he sold them for one shilling a pound.
And he tried to sell a Fat Boy to all the killers he'd found.
So later the monkey, he wants to end all wars,
And he's got just the bugger he's been looking for.
So he drops the Fat Boy on the Japs,
And wipes Hiroshima off the Maps
So Later, he can't sleep at night,
So he asks his holy man if what he did was right.
And his holy man said he'd have to see,
If the monkey’s account had enough liquidity.
And he said that God would forgive any sin,
If you just put enough quarters in.
And he said that he had a plan,
And if the monkey had enough money,
He could get them both in.
So one day the monkey tries to make friends with the bomb,
And make it light up all his homes,
And make it so he can see at night,
But the bomb is a monster IT's toxic to life.
I Believe the Gods must be crazy.
Now I can see the Gods must be mad at you.The_Gods_Must_Be_Crazy_files/Thr%20Gods%20Must%20Be%20Crazy.
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The Gods muST BE CRAZY