Witchiepoo and Me


Witchiepoo And Me

My Darling, Witchiepoo and me,

We sat beside the Crimson Sea,

And cast a ragged and tattered net.

We pulled IT out I'll never forget!

We pulled out Uranium. We pulled out Titanium. 

We pulled out Neptune from the deep end.

We pulled out abandoned atomic subs.

We pulled out the Costa Concordia.

We pulled out a couple of lesser Gods.

We pulled out a couple who left the Mob.

We pulled out a shoe. Would I lie to you? Hell no!

We gave IT to a spider back there on Mars.

It was then the Wicked Witch began to bitch,

About The Man who killed the Living Sea.

“He killed the Living Trees. He killed the birds and bees.

He left everything for dead, and blamed that shit on me.”

Into the dunes the woman ran,

With tattered net held high in hand.

She caught a Drone when it flew too low.

She pulled IT down held by a toe!

She modified IT, She deep fat fried IT,

She zapped it with her Wand and let it go.

I asked Her Wickedness about the mess,

That she was piling there upon the shore.

She had a simple plan to stick it to The Man,

Who dumped it there. He's coming back with more.

He gave her spider arms, stole her Lucky Charms,

And gave her bats low-cost lobotomies.

So with her Living Flute, she wants to play a tune,

And bring the asshole down to his knees.

He has no living heart. He only tears apart.

When he's finally cold-n-dead the creatures will all be free.

So we cast the net again, sat in acid rain,

And dreamed of pleasures yet to come,

When mushrooms cover the land, books will talk to man,

Trees will walk tall and proud, sing to you and hold your hand.

I hope the witch is right, she wins her dreadful fight,

And saves a Living Island from The Man.

But its going to be tough, because that Psycho Puff,

Is always interfering with her best laid plans.