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part 1 of Martian Folksongs: Martian Frontier

Hippie high yo, hippie high yeah, hippie high yo all day.

We've got the natives on the run.
Everyone's having such fun.
There's hardly enough time to reload our guns.
We're on the Martian frontier.

Hippie high yo, hippie high yeah, hippie high yo all day.

The Red Man looks wild in his eyes.
You can't really tell if he cries.
They don't have the brains to get up and run.
They live on the Martian frontier.

We'll bring more guns on every ship.
It isn't that long of a trip.
When they discover what we have in store,
We'll be on the way back with more.
Yes, we can always make more!
There is one thing that you can be sure,
Whenever your ammunition is running low,
We'll be on our way back with more.

Supper Time (Johnny Cash tribute)
Aka Growin’ up on Mars
One of my fondest memories of growin’ up was when momma would call 
to us from the back porch. She'd call out, "Supper Time!" Me and my 
brothers would run back to the house and gather 'round the dinin’ room 
table. Momma would come in from the kitchen with the horse she'd been cookin’ all day. We'd all hold hands, papa would say the blessing
 dig in. 
Pass the cop porn, sugar daddy. I want the yellow eye+d pees, Hairy 
Mellon. Mmmm, slimy grub worms,  grandma. Yum yum.

They say that Mars is quite the place.
There's room for the whole human race.
Like the Elephant, and Dolphin, and Chimpanzee,
Now Martians are running from me.

Hippie high yo, oh yeah, hippie high ho chi yo.noise_horrible.html