Slip of the Tongue
The Graceful Queen was on her throne.
Her courtiers standing by.
This was no idle game of chess.
The game was live or die.
Though she wished her part was done,
She was not free to go.
She had sent many to their death,
The cause they did not know.
Now the clock was striking one.
Time had slipped away.
Farewells were given everyone.
There was no time to play.
The final act was yet to unfold.
How the game ended must be told.
     Annie sent us packing back to Dwnwrdspyrl. I was grateful she had played her part, and did so beautifully. I don’t think I could have convInced  Mr. D to turn back once we were at the farm, but she had powers that I could only dream of. I imagine she had used many of the same reasons that I had used in the Mother-ship to take the wind out of his sails, but I didn’t hear what she said. She told us that she could see both our arguments, and was desperate for news of our lost sister too. She said, “Count, your headin’ back to the club. I know you’re a darn fool. Sweetie, give me some time alone with D. I will champion your cause. He’s all worked up an’ ready to charge at windmills. Give us a moment of peace will ya’ love?” So I left them alone.
     Our journey back to Dwnwrdspyrl was uneventful. Mr. D seemed happy enough to be returning, but I knew it wouldn’t last. There was a point in sky that glistened ahead of us. You could see it from almost any place inside the city. It was always depressing to approach Steely Dan again. It felt like a shard of glass in your eye that never came out. The drones could also be seen moving slowly, methodically, across the horizon. Our trip back to the safe house and into tunnels was silent, without incident. It was almost too easy.
                                                                                                                                                 The story  continues...