The Caterpillar was kind of blue.
Kept asking Alice, “Who are you?”
Sitting on a ‘shroom, shooting the breeze.
Everything he did was what he pleased.
Just kept smoking all day long.
He used a hookah. It’s like a bong.
The Caterpillar had something to say,
But it might take that dude all day.
He talked forever, kind of slow.
We said, “We’re in a hurry. We’ve got to go!”
He told us that we were in the right place
Slow down it wasn’t a race.
As he walked off, I heard what he said.
 The words are echoing in my head.
The dude had news to beat the blues.
He was telling Alice, now I’m telling you.
As he walked off, that’s when he said,
“Eat some ‘shrooms, They’re good for your head.”
I tell you the Caterpillar was right.
I didn’t wait for dinner that night.
I never felt like that before.
Oh Yeah!
I know we’re right .
The little things don’t bug us at night,
And if I had to do it all again.
I’d bring a couple home for my friends.
I’d give a ‘shroom to everyone I knew,
And then they’d be laughing too,
And all of us would slowly come down,
And land softly on the... ground.