Alice Quadrille
Alice and me went to a party.
Everyone was there.
The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker.
Even Fred Astaire.
Cyd Charisse was ready to please,
Like beautiful dynamite.
She was so good, and if she could,
She’d go off every night.
The Queen of Hearts brought some tarts,
For everyone who kept their head.
The Walrus had munched on oysters for lunch,
Murdered in their bed,
The Carpenter’s luck really sucked.
His drill was on the fritz.
He plugged it in, and gave it a spin,
While Cyd Charisse did splits.
She welcomes you, and all you do.
To get it off her chest.
I’’m telling you the girl I knew,
Only stops for the best.
We cannot say when the next party.
Is guaranteed a thrill.
The moves you do are a secret too,
The Alice Quadrille.