With You
I watch the image on the screen... Come on.
Let’s go. We’re running out of time.
I watch the image on the screen,
I see the face. He looks like me.
It slowly changes over time.
It burns a whole right through my mind.
Storm clouds gather in the west.
Changes come we’ll make the best.
I love a song just like the rest.
The crowd response (is) the acid test,
With You.
I’m standing by an ancient tree,
I see the stream the water’s clean.
It slowly changes over time.
Spectrasonic alkaline.
I can’t tell you what I’ve seen.
Reflections sometimes frighten me.
Remains with you all the time.
I’m just not sure what I will find,
With You.
Let’s go to the other side.
Let’s go over the hill.
Hold my hand.
Our friends will all be there.
Come on, let’s go!
We’ll be together again.
And we can be together.
We’ll be as one;
Or, maybe not.
The mirror seems to call me back.
It seems to pull me off my track.
It holds an ancient part of me,
That it never will set free.
The clock is standing still in time.
It waits for me to tell it why.
The face is melting just like mine.
It says it’s almost out of time,
For you.
Yeah, for you.
I watch the image on the screen...