The American Dream
Come in.
Do you read?
Are you dreaming?
You must be dreaming.
The American dream,
Is not what it seems.
The problem is,
 Trying to wake you.
You’re lying there,
No way the truth,
Can find you.
The desert scene,
The war machine.
You’re dead by the time,
It hits you.
The latest cause,
Intelligence flaws,
The world is lost.
While you were...
Come in.
You must be dreaming!
While you were...
No one's prepared to wake you.
They're also lost in the dream.
We can only reach for each other.
Are you here?
Are you lost,
In the dream?
American Amnesia
I'm trying to remember,
When the sky was clear and blue.
The memory of life on earth,
Is fading for me.
Is fading for me too.
I'm trying to remember,
How great this country used to be,
Before American amnesia,
Has taken it.
Has taken it from me.
The shadow of deception,
Has replaced the light of day.
We feel like we await the dawn,
While on our knees we pray,
And on our knees we stay.
I want you all on your knees!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
The things you own control you,
And you will not be set free.
While you kneel and beg forgiveness,
From sea to burning sea.
Is this the home of the brave?
We tried to kill them all.
Is this the land of the free?
The Big devour.
The wealthy crush the poor.