Hollywood Loves [future sucks]
What ya' doin' tonight?
Lets go see a movie.
How about kill bill,
I think its about Microsoft.
I'd like to see that.
I like to watch.
Hollywood loves,
The glamorization of drugs,
The stoned and brutal thugs,
The blond with her sword in some guts,
The spectacle of blood.
Tokyo loves,
The whore with the heart of gold,
The witness whose bought and sold,
The horror that has to be told,
When pain of others is shown.
London loves,
The spy who dispenses death,
And never looses rest,
Who cheats but aces the test,
Who casually engages in sex.
If you want to see why the future sucks,
Just sit and watch the screen.
If games [movies] are visions of what's to come,
From what I see its filled with misery,
And blood.
Did I mention blood?
Lots of blood.
Its up to my knees.
Here it comes.
Paris loves
The graphic depiction of sluts,
The gambler who always has luck,
The angel who's willing to suck,
The priest who deceives his flock.
Berlin loves,
The soldiers all in a straight line,
To turn back the hands of time,
The villain who's killed without trial,
The psychopath's in denial.
There is no chance for you and me to make a break!
Violence you see is no mistake.
Movies are making a race of men,
Killers who can act [kill] without remorse.