In the last days of the Empire of the Machines a band of performers created a political drama in which the electoral/education/entertainment industry invented the ultimate teenage idol. A machine that would dance, sing and entertain flawlessly and tirelessly. The military had developed the robot technology to infiltrate political opposition and destroy it and to reduce military casualties. The Machine was indistinguishable from a human, except that it would never contradict or throw off it’s master.
      A politician, with close ties to the entertainment industry, deployed the new technology to infiltrate and destroy a performing troupe. The performers were part of a tribe that had turned away from Technology, as a benefit to humanity, and sought a simpler way of life. They were called the Humanists. Their philosophy was presented to the public by the performers. One of the dancers was an opposition candidate. The performances became a threat to the politician when they publicly opposed his reelection and began influencing the election. This is the story of the performers.
             Horrible Machines
  1. Among The Stars
  2. The Little Tramp/Haunted
  3. Holding On/Can’t Get Through
  4. Nemo Trilogy
      a. Like A Stone
      b. Under The Sea
      c. Nemo Solo
  5. The Predator
  6. Falling For You
  7. Come Out To Play
  8. Snake Pit
  9. Noys Conspiracy
10. Burning Man
11. Like A Stream
12. Child Of Man
13. Terminal Frost
14. Counting Beats
15. Architect Of Doom                        
      Terminal Frost
The Little Tramp/Haunted
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