The Burning Man
I’m burning from the inside out.
The Fire is from suspicion and doubt,
I wonder what’s inside my skin,
How to control the condition I’m in.
I’m in a world on fire.
Inside the fire will grow,
Sheltered from the winds that blow.
Tears can’t put it out,
Like a fire that follows a drought.
Let’s see the latest device.
It controls the tears in your eyes,
IT only gives pain.
Makes you afraid to do it again.
We’re in a world on Fire.
The flames reach higher and higher,
Like the world’s on Fire.
The Burning Man indeed,
 Consumes himself to live,
He holds onto the flaming hand,
And turns away from his fellow man,
And lives in a world on Fire.
Inside the fire will spread,
With the fear it creates in your head.
The tree of life will burn.
We start to feel ‘cause we cannot learn.
Up in smoke, it won’t come down.
Look at all the fuel lying around.
The  Burning Man is burning the land,
The waters burn and the desert sand.
Like the world’s on Fire.
The flames reach higher and higher,
The oceans have started to burn.
The rivers boil and churn,
And the blood in my veins,
Evaporates like summer rain.
The blood boils in my veins.
My blood is boiling again.
foot note: Microwave technology is being developed for use on civilian targets essentially for crowd control. The effect of the weapon is described as creating the sensation of your skin catching fire.
Exploded Sunset - Far East Durham, N.C. July, 2007