The Little Tramp/Haunted
The band was raising steam. A dancer broke onto the scene. Her moves were strong and proud. Her eyes were dark and her voice was loud. The golden age had gone. The hours moved on to the dawn, and everyone would see the future that was meant to be. The sparkle in her eye warmed everyone who passed by. There was something in her smile that eased your pain for a while. After he held the world in his hand, the little tramp laid down in the sand and dreamed of how it could have been if we had only wanted simple things.
Angel came to me in a spectrasonic dream,
And said the truth was never what it seemed.
Light was breaking through. It almost blinded me,
And shining all around, I wanted to believe,
Everything I had seen.
Angel came to me in the Darkness of the night,
And said the truth was lies and horrors filled the light.
She said the days in heaven were motionless and cold.
As all watched helplessly as life on earth unfolds.
Helpless as life unfolds,
As tragedy unfolds.
Angel came to me with a tiny broken heart,
And said she was always being torn apart.
Memory was something always gave her pain,
Because the time was lost, like tears in the rain.
Tears washed over me.
Angel came to me unfolding like a flower,
And told me in heaven minutes lasted hours.
Time was like a weight; it never was released.
Nothing in her mind could ever give her peace.
Nothing could give her peace.
She never rests in peace.
I watched the fallen angel,
Helpless after all.
The light was cold and grey,
Like winter after fall.
She said I couldn’t help her,
I had to let it be.
Though I couldn’t be with her,
She’s watching over me.
She’s haunting me.
foot note: The Little Tramp is Charlie Chaplin. This song was inspired by the Chaplin film City Lights. Check out Chaplin’s humanistic political satire “The Great Dictator” from your local library. You will be glad you did.
Power Grid Sunset - Far East Durham, N,C, July, 2007