Count Beat is looking for a virtual guitarist for his third A Horrible Noise release. Parts 1 and 3 of the Nemo Trilogy are the only recorded tracks that have featured the tenacious and terrible tones of a guitar, and this, trust me, is a tragedy. Woody Hart, on the Nemo track, has filled the often barren landscapes of Horrible Machines with sonic fullness and lived through it... You can too! My good friend Woody has been there and back, where no keyboard player or bassist has gone before, and it has warmed the heart of God to hear such A Horrible Noise.
      This is your mission, if you should choose to accept it. Download 1 of the remaining 5 Horrible mp3 tracks from the latest Horrible release. Do what you want with it. Remix it, mash it, or turn it inside out. I don’t give a damn what you do. E mail the marvelous results to the Count at . The Count will personally review all submissions and post any outrageous interpretations on this site along with the original versions. I will also create a link to any Chosen player along with the example of their work. But wait there is more! Winning guitarists will be given the chance to have another truly Horrible Experience.          
      Before releasing the 3rd Horrible CD, You (the winners) will be given raw tracks (48,000 samples per second at 24 bits) to work on. Any simply Horrible submissions will be featured on this web site and on the 3rd Demo release (tentatively titled I.T.). I know, it sounds wretched doesn’t it. My Horrible attorney has to agree with US, and insists that I warn all guitarists not to read the fine print before not entering this competition. Fine print fine print fine print fine print. Yeah, you get the picture. fine print fine print fine print etc... and so forth for ever and ever and what not so to speak. Burble babble banter bicker bull shit blah blah blah word blah blah blah word. It became shrillish and the slitherly managrinches grumpled and sleethed their discomplaints toward the nonplussed riches that they believed the manifest distopian future owed them. What a bunch of losers they are! Also be advised that winning this Competition does not result in any monetary gain, as neither A Horrible Noise nor Count Beat have ever accepted money for what you see and hear here. The Count does not indulge in diluting or damaging his delicately divine art with diabolical and destructive economic policies. The Count has obviously never Sold Out. U should 2. It’s a way of life.