Nemo Solo.... 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (revisited)  pt.1. Like A Stone
                                                                                             pt.2. Under The Sea
                                                                                             pt.3. Nemo Solo        
Dr. Aronnax.     Fuck You!
Conseil.     Are we there yet?
Ned Land.     Yes it’s sucking.
Nemo.     Tried with all my might. Let me be real clear. It’s going to be a while yet.
Capt. Ahab.     OK cutey.
Head Man in Charge.     Prepare to dive. There she blows!
Jewels Burn.     Mad with the agonies he endures the infuriated sperm whale rolls
                         over and over. He rears his enormous head and with wide expanding
                         jaws he rushes at the boat. They are propelled before him with vast
                         swiftness and sometimes (it is) utterly destroyed.*
C Man.     Can we go?
Count Beat.     Can I go now?
Nemo.     Yeah, you can go now.
foot note: I watched both of Disney’s stories of Nemo and was sure that something was missing or white washed from them. This proved to be the case....20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is pathetically short on social comment, while Finding Nemo is totally lost. The former is a typical bastard son of Hollywood. The latter is a fine example of a corporation dumbing down the general public and, at the same time, usurping the name of a Humanist hero for capitalist profit. They may rot in Hell. Please go to your library of choice and tap into the genius of Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Jules Verne style. Tell them the Count sent ya.
       A similar song and extended Drum Solo to this one is Moby’s Dick; from the Horrible Demographic CD. It is also not available at a store near you, but can be attained by bringing signed parental permission notes to...
*borrowed from Thomas Beale’s History of the Sperm Whale, 1839.
Metal Object (Nautilus) - Duluth, MN. August, 2007