Terminal Frost
I can see it’s getting clear. It’s moving closer. It’s coming near.
It is a creature of God. It is mine and I am hers.
She lives in a land of snow and she’ll have nowhere to go.
She never learned to paint her face,
Or drive a car, join the human race.
She is a creature of God, and she is mine and I am God’s.
If you saw it, it would break your heart.
While millions watched, the melting wouldn’t stop.
It couldn’t last the land of snow.
It’s in the past we let it go.
She lives in a land of snow and she’ll have nowhere to go.
Look! It’s the last Dodo...Dodo.
It’s the last silk kimono.
Look! It’s the last castle made of sand.
It’s the last snowman.
Look! It’s the last party ‘till dawn.
It’s the last cluster bomb.
Look! It’s the last Carolina Parakeet.
It’s the last man on his feet.
Look! It’s the last yellow tail.
Look! it’s the last Great White Whale.
You can make any kind of wish.
Look! It’s the last Great White Fish.
This ain’t no fucking fairy tale.
It’s not very nice to fool Mother Nature.
That’s what I heard.
You know, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature
foot note: Dodo courtesy of the Pitt Museum of Oxford England
Cluster Bombs courtesy U.S.
Great White Whale courtesy Herman Melville
Manufactured Destiny - Graham, N.C. July, 2007