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Metal Man - Far East Durham, N.C. June, 2007
Liquid Sunshine Man - Far East Durham, N.C. June, 2007
     Welcome to the second A Horrible Noise CD
     It is called Horrible Machines. There are 19 new songs on the CD and they are being
mixed ‘n’ mashed at the Funny Farm to ensure the lowest of
standards are achieved. The CD will be finished very soon.
Because nobody has had the bad taste to play A Horrible   Noise  
on the radio, this is the only place you can listen to it.
     The tedious interviews and             lugubriously dull
biographies can also still be seen                     on the
it seems the songs are all that matter,
because you already know that I am crazy.
      Naturally the guys in the band have all
passed away recently so we are
observing a moment of silence...
I will miss Burnout & Mr. Nobody.
       If you have never heard A Horrible
Noise before, you need to check out the songs that
are digitalized before your very ears from the pages
listed above. I also have a collaborator/guitarist for
the first time on a Horrible release. Woody Hart added
sonic darkness and density to the Nemo Trilogy parts One
and Three. Thanks for bringing the noise all the way from  Melville.
      Check out Horrible Demo, part of the Horrible Demographic CD, the first release not available at a store near you, to find out what started all the complaints. Goodness gracious how time flies. I must be going. I have to go to the city for a conjugal visit with the Countess.
                                              Later, the Count              *songs may change without notice