Like A Stone

I am so alone,
I’m sinking like a stone,
I’m miles from my home,
Under the sea.
If I’m like you,
You’re wondering what to do,
To get you through tomorrow,
Below the waves.
To make you want to live,
Under the sea. It’s like looking through the glass.
You watch the years go past.
Like creatures in a tank,
Living day to day.
Scratching for a life,
Living with the strife.
Everything you need you’ve got to pay and pay.
Everything is worthless at the end of the day.

Behold the common man,
Who organized his friends,
To try once again,
To set men free (set all men free).
And tries to change their lives,
And tells them to simplify,
And kiss your dreams good-bye,
Live in the real.
Try to learn to think instead of feel. What do you suppose,
Became of it all?
They said he was insane,
And beat him down.
Fed him to machines,
And stole his humanity.
Now he plots revenge,
Below the waves.
He calls to you and me,
Under the sea.
foot note: Rock in Duluth, MN,. Water from Lake Superior.
Da Rock - Duluth, M.N. August, 2007