Architect Of Doom
The tiny spark that started the flames,
The passion that burns to win at the race,
Fuel is consumed its not hard to do,
On the super highway to doom.
The attitude that you have to win,
The fatal journey begins again.
Competition you have to win at all cost.
You realize you’ve lost.
You’ve already lost.
There’s a sea of fuel in the fast lane.
We swim in it every day.
A sea of people washed over the land.
Witness the tides of change.
Yeah, you’re soaking in it.
It’s up to your neck.
That’s what I call high tide.
Better learn to swim.
You know what they say.
Sink or swim.
The Crystal Palace shatters and falls.
The Falling Water  runs down the walls.
Spanish castles crumble to sand,
And scatter in the wind.
Out of nothing the plans are drawn.
Out of the earth the foundation comes.
Out of the past the knowledge is drawn.
To design the end of the world.
No artificial light has entered the room.
No artificial flower has started to bloom.
No angels breath to sweeten the air.
Before you know it you’re already there.
No lady luck is by your side.
No horseman gonna give you a ride.
The longer you wait the darker it gets.
Black lines to nowhere and the ink is still wet.
No artificial flower pleases the guests.
No artificial heart beats in her chest.
No apple blossom perfumes the air.
Nobody you know has ever been there.
No hand of fate reaches out for you.
Nobody gives a fuck what you do.
You built the machines and programmed the minds,
And watched the world as it dies.
The simple times are gone forever,
On the freeway to the future world.
With a poison pen he draws the  bridge,
Between the lives of the hollow men.
The Cathedral ceiling descends to hell.
The spiral stairs to the poison well.
The intelligent designer dips his pen,
 And puts the pen to paper again.
foot note: Crystal Palace and Falling Water are architectural references to buildings or dwellings.
photography - Christopher Thompson