Like A Stream

You tell me Christine is the perfect machine.
And she’s a part of an elaborate scheme.
With eyes of blue and a will of steel.
She has no fear like she doesn’t feel.
Never seen a dancer do it so well
From frail and innocent to straight from hell.

The shifting shadow of the weapons of war.
Is she a lure to the killing floor.
The machine of my dreams can’t tell if it’s true.
Is she spinning a web, or rescuing you.
She would never destroy what we built on trust.
To attack a dancer is to attack all of us.

My doubts are like darkness at dawn.
It takes hold in the night when I’m alone.
When I see Christine my doubts are gone.
She moves like a stream, she’s full of grace.
Never left behind, always quickens the pace.
A child of man with passion in her eyes.
If you give her trust. she’ll never say good-bye

You can’t make me believe proof is what I need.
I have my share of bitter enemies.
I have to trust until you prove she deceives.
Don’t ask me to choose if you’re picking a fight.
To the end of time if you follow the light.
The chance we have is slipping away.
The price is trust and I’ve already paid.
She comes on like a train.
Doesn’t tire never complains.
Always acting so cool.
And doesn’t give a damn about fame.
If something’s wrong,
I can’t tell what it is.
She acts like a star,
Got to be in this biz.
She knows all the songs.
Performs all night long.
Tell me when a machine ever learned to give you a kiss.
A passionate kiss.
Stream - Raleigh N.C. August, 2007 courtesy N.C.S.U.
Something Fishy - Raleigh N.C. August, 2007 courtesy N.C.M.N.S.
 Shark Photograph - A, J. Wilson