Come Out To Play
The gyroscopes were winding down. The pause after the chase. The precision attracted opposites the mechanical animal grace. Was this a weapon with dark mysterious eyes? A doomsday machine casually passing by. The glance was long like reading your mind. I know I had intentions. She recognized the signs. She said it happened all the time, and she didn’t really mind.
Come out to play.               Come out to dance. Come out to play. This is our chance to dance.                 I want to see you dance.              
The dance was just beginning. I realize that now.
It seemed to happen naturally, Like an ancient ritual.
The beautiful machine came walking through my door,
And every thing was clear like it never was before.
I was never satisfied I always wanted more.
Like the sun killing shadow, it’s obvious to me now!
It seemed to happen naturally, Like a sacrifice some how
The fluid motion, precision pieces performed so well.
And tried to break the band up, Tried to destroy the spell.
Outside the machine was conquering them all.
Everyone was a prisoner all were going to fall.
The mechanical dawn of their desolate dream,
Allowed them to take prisoners while ignoring their screams.
So the action moved predictably to the final scene.
foot note: Dancer is the lovely Carolyn Mabry (Carolyn’s Page). Gardens courtesy of Duke.
Photography by Chris Thompson