Snake Pit
The Clouds came down and made it hard to see,
The vipers dancing in front of me.
Their knots and coils were deceiving me,
Entangling me and I didn’t want to see.
The road led deep into the ground.
I tried to scream,but made no sound.
The Politician stirred up the pit.
And I stood in the middle  of it.
I thought I stood in fields of green.
Their writhing bodies crawled on me.
And hissed into my fragile mind,
A thousand curses made me blind,
And I had doubts where none had ever been.
And forgot the truth watched over me.
Discontent spread through the band.
And I was left in no man’s land.
I reached out to  either side
The walls stretched up to the clouds in the sky.
My fingers covered in moist wet dirt.
The sweat was dripping from my shirt
The snake’s skin was entwined in mine.
I couldn’t shake loose, or free my mind.
In the coldness of dawn the band travelled on.
The future we wanted was almost gone.
I want
To be with you
To protect you
To hold you near
Now the way is unclear.

You will
Come along to see
Where we go from here
Together we’ll have no fear
When the road finally ends.
Snakes - Raleigh N.C. August, 2007 courtesy N.C.M.N.S.