Child Of Man,
      I’d love to see you again, to look you in the eye like an old friend. Remember when we were free. Not a care in the world, science would solve anything. We ate that shit, what we were sold. Power this and power that, ‘till it was like powder up your nose. All the power you could waste and all the gasoline you’d care to taste.
      I’d love to fuck with you again (like old times), to take your oil away like your best friend. It’s not easy being free. Many places in the world need US to change everything. Make them eat that shit, what we want to sell. Poverty this and poverty SUcks, while we had powder up our nose. At the party you could waste (your mind) all the jet fuel additive that you can’t taste.
When the toys start winding down,
The child of man looks at the ground,
And doesn’t know how to work the earth,
And has no idea what it’s worth.
And puts another battery in and wastes his life again
And watches the dead lights into the night,
And watches the stars as they dance by.
Watches the creatures that come out at night,
And never wonders why.
Child of Man -
Townsville, N.C.